Burgers. I love 'em. cycling and motorsport too (YIP, a strange combo i know).
my job is one of my other loves. creating visual comms for all types of brands.
Back in the early 90's, i remember opening photoshop for the very first time. even though, back then, there were no layers and only one undo function, i was hooked. I knew i wanted to make a career of IT. I'm now fortunate enough to HAVE a job that a lot of people do as a hobby.
I thrive on working with professionals who value the importance GREAT craftsmanship, and while I settle for no less than perfection in each project — I pride myself on meeting tight deadlines without sacrificing my high standards.
I have worked along side some of the best Ad Men and Ad Women in the business. with over 15 years practical experience, I've been fortunate enough to create exceptional images for a lot of exciting brands — ranging from airlines to fashion, automotive to FMCG.
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